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Cold Water Graphics is located in Orange Park, Florida. We are a one stop shop for all things customization. We offer Hydrographics also known as Water Transfer Printing, automotive vinyl wraps and custom decals. We participate and support many local automotive shows in the Jacksonville area and absolutely love working with our customers. We love what we do and we are sure you will love how we do it. Our job is to make you happy, so give us a call and lets create something awesome!



What is Hydrographics?

Water Transfer Printing or Hydrographics (also known as hydro dipping, hydro imaging, fluid imaging, hydrograghic printing) is a 3D decorating process. Graphics such as carbon fibre, woodgrain, camouflage, geometrical patterns are applied to decorate the items.

The Hydrographics process is used worldwide to decorate a variety of items, from aeroplane interiors to very small items like cell phone cases. Films can be applied to all kind of materials including plastic, wood, fibreglass, metal, and ceramics. For the most part, if the item can be dipped in water, the water transfer printing process can be applied.

This process utilises a water-soluble film that contains the printed designs. Once an activator has been applied, the film dissolves and leaves the ink on the surface of the water. Now, the item can be immersed into the water and the ink wraps around it. It is then washed and protected with a clear topcoat.

Colorchange Wrap

Colorchange wrap is a vinyl sheet that is applied to the paint of your vehicle. This tough but temporary wrap changes the apperance of your vehicle and protects the original paint of your vehicle, while saving you money. The high quality vinyl that we use has a 3-5 year calendard lifespand and in the end, is easy to remove.

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